Friday, 1 March 2013

We Buy Ltd Break In!

      We Buy Ltd in Winton was broken into this weekend.

      The incident occurred between Friday 25th January in the evening and 10am the following day. The store now faces £15,000 worth of bills following the burglary. 

      Local police were informed soon after and a CSI team were also called to the scene. The pawn shop's director Joe Li described the CSI team as “Very helpful” but stated that the uniformed police were somewhat less so, “They don’t seem to know what they’re doing.”

     Li explained that he came into work on Saturday morning to discover glass on the floor and a smashed cabinet and items including iPods, laptops, cameras and phones missing.  He also said that the back door was open but there seemed to be no sign of forced entry.  When asked by We Buy Ltd have may been targeted, Li speculated that, “It must be the stock being displayed that attracted them.”

   “I’ve still heard nothing”, said Li when asked if the Police had been in touch. He also felt the Police could have done more to rectify the situation,  “Of course they could!” he said.

     Employees of We Buy Ltd discovered a footprint outside and Joe Li appeared frustrated that it has not been studied further. He also speculated that the crime may have been an inside job due to the lack of damage to the exterior of the store.

   Li has been delighted with feedback from the local community, “Lots of people found out about what happened and have come in and said sorry. That’s been nice.” he said.

     However he is concerned about maintaining customer relationships. “I feel obliged to treat them well.” Li also expressed his irritation with replacing customers traded-in items,  “They need to be replaced.”

     Since the break in, an ADT alarm system has been installed in the shop, “Which should alert the Police directly in about 2 or 3 seconds.” said Li.

     Anyone with information should contact the police immediately. 

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