Friday, 8 March 2013

We Buy Ltd Break In: The Story Behind The Story

    My partner and I were searching for a news story in the Winton area of Bournemouth and came across an interesting piece in the Bournemouth Echo.

    The story was about a recent break-in and robbery at a pawn shop on Wimborne Road. Although the story had already been reported, we both felt that there was more depth of information to be found that had not already been found- the emotional reactions and responses from those working in the shop.

   My partner and I ventured into Winton, and after searching for the shop, walked in and waited for the shop's director to return from a break. I noticed that the Bournemouth Echo version of the story was placed in We Buy Ltd's window, reflecting how much the robbery had effected the store.

    We Buy Ltd's director, Joe Li was a very obliging and helpful person to interview. My partner and I were very lucky in the sense that he was emotionally honest and answered every question we put to him in a wealth of detail.

   For instance, we asked Li how exactly the incident occurred, why he thinks it occurred and how such crimes could be prevented in the future. Not only did this give a new angle to the story, but also put a forward spin on it. Li's wealth of detail was astonishing and he seemed so willing to provide us with extensive answers to deter criminals from carrying out such crimes.

   Although I am aware that not all interviewees will be as helpful and responsive as this, it was a very positive and motivating experience to have.

     Interviewing places me outside of my comfort zone, but I came to find that I thrived on the challenge of find a story, working out a new spin on it, carrying out an interview and eventually arranging my quotations and research into a news story.

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