Friday, 25 January 2013

Journalism: A Search For The Truth

       Journalism is something that is known the world over, and something that has the rare ability to connect to people on an emotional level. I have been writing reviews, news pieces and features for the past few years and feel that my writing gives me a unique voice I could not have without readers.

     It’s an amazing fact that if you feel have something interesting to say, or to comment about, you can put it out there for people to read so quickly and easily. News is something that brings people together, whether it’s good or bad, local or worldwide, entertainment or information based. It is constantly changing and becoming more entwined with technology day by day, especially with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Storify. I love not knowing how news may be reported in years to come!

       Whether I opt to specialise in a specific area; music for example, or to get as much copy into the public eye as possible, journalism can provide various unusual opportunities; to travel, meet new people and visit new places. Journalism also allows me to produce work in different styles and for different readerships, almost putting me in their shoes as I write. Researching for a news story also offers the chance to learn something new and share it with people.

     Despite the uninviting idea of tight deadlines, long hours and stressful days, journalism offers the chance to make you mark on the world. Searching for the truth, connecting with people and the sheer challenge of journalism, as well as its future is nothing short of fascinating!

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